Our Mission


Tech Savvy Code's mission is to help train and inspire new and seasoned Computer Science Teachers to teach and build fun and interactive curriculum. With students in mind, we strive to cultivate out of the box teachers that are willing to reach and engage with every student in computer science, robotics, and electronics.

About the Founder


Created by Portia Morrell, a young passionate female programmer excited to share a wealth of research with her counterparts. She was exposed to programming in the 6th grade and began to develop a desire to teach coding for kids. She has been in the Computer Science Education field since 2013. She has created various STEM-based curriculums in the afterschool realm as well as teaching in the continuing education world. She currently is a Computer Science teacher in a bilingual school.


In recent years, there has been a higher demand for toys, books, and software that cater to children related to S.T.E.M (Science Technology Engineering Math). She noticed that new start-up companies that catered to K-12 students were either too cookie-cutter or cost too much to purchase licensing for students. Tech Savvy Code was created to build confidence and flexibility for teachers to be creative in lesson plans and feel confident to construct their own ideas in S.T.E.M that works best for the student-body they work with.