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Fun and Engaging Ed-Tech Tools for Teachers and Students in 2022!


As we gear up for an exciting New Year, let's take a fresh look at some amazing Ed-Tech tools that are sure to add joy and efficiency to your teaching experience. These tools are not only useful for teachers but also bring a lot of fun and engagement to the classroom for students. So, let's dive right in and explore some creative and culturally responsive options! Note: Links to direct websites are located in the title of the software.


Vocaroo - No Sign-in Voice Recorder 

Vocaroo remains a fantastic tool for recording audio without any hassle of signing in. Use it for language practice, storytelling, or even student presentations. It's a great way to encourage creativity and boost confidence in your students.

Wheel of Names - Fun Spinning Wheel 

Engage your students like never before with the interactive Wheel of Names! Whether it's selecting a random participant, creating teams, or even gamifying your classroom, this tool is a surefire hit to make learning enjoyable.

Brainstormer - No Sign-in Collaborative Space

Foster creativity and teamwork with Brainstormer! This collaborative space is perfect for brainstorming ideas, discussing projects, and encouraging students to work together to solve problems.

Flippity - Simple Apps made with Google Sheets

Enhance your teaching with Flippity's interactive apps created using Google Sheets. From flashcards to quiz games, you'll find various ways to make learning interactive and entertaining.

 YoTeach - Online Chat for classroom & teacher

Encourage open communication and collaboration among your students with YoTeach's online chat feature. It's a safe and controlled environment where students can ask questions and interact in real-time.


Scribe - Make how-to instructions quickly

With Scribe, you can easily create step-by-step instructions and tutorials. It's an excellent tool for encouraging students to become content creators, sharing their knowledge and skills with others.

 Formative - Make Interactive Worksheets and Assessment

Formative is a game-changer for creating interactive and personalized assessments. Tailor your assignments to each student's needs and provide instant feedback, making the learning experience more meaningful.

Wizer.me - Similar to Formative but fewer question types

Introducing Wizer.me, a fantastic tool that's similar to Formative but offers its unique set of features. Create interactive worksheets and assessments with ease, providing personalized learning experiences for your students.

 Genially - Make Interactive Infographics

Bring creativity to the next level with Genially! Design captivating interactive infographics, presentations, and more to make complex topics visually engaging and easier to understand.

 Quizizz - Make quizzes and presentations

Spice up your quizzes and presentations with Quizizz's interactive features. Students will love competing with each other and revising lessons in a gamified setting.

 Whiteboard - Online collaborative whiteboard

Collaboration is key in the modern classroom, and this online collaborative whiteboard allows your students to work together, share ideas, and co-create projects seamlessly.

Classroom Screen - Organize a classroom screen

Get your classroom organized with Classroom Screen. It's a versatile tool that provides everything from timers to noise level indicators, helping you maintain an engaging and focused learning environment.

 Wordwall - Printable and online games

Learning becomes a game with Wordwall! Create interactive word games, quizzes, and puzzles to reinforce concepts and make studying enjoyable for your students.

Remember, these tools are meant to be flexible and adaptable to various teaching styles and subjects. So, whether you're a computer science teacher, history instructor, or art educator, these Ed-Tech gems are sure to bring smiles and excitement to your classroom! Let me know in the comments which ones you're most excited to try out, and happy teaching!